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Purpose of this FORUM is to share the commonality of gratitude and collaboration to enhance humankind. Each contributor can also submit own ideas and share concerns with workaround contributed by other. (Seed contributors – Carson & Anup)

Top 20 headings for surviving corporate life

(Click each one to contribute)
  1. Tired of job search in hard times? I am just getting by, feeling lonely, feel outdated and directionless rather lost! What do I do?
  2. Feeling down after tough interview?
  3. No clue at new job in early days?
  4. Overwhelming Induction Training Programs, too much of Information Overflow?
  5. Digesting the Complex Business Process and organizational acronyms.
  6. How do I get through my Probation Period with flying colours?
  7. Survive the work pressure and higher expectations from clients, seniors and boss.
  8. Everything is upgrading, I am the only one left behind. How do I peak perform? How do I stay in the competition?
  9. Why in the world did I not study political science? Survive the games of politics from peers / colleagues. Bureaucracy and class system.
  10. Surviving boring yet comforting status quo at work.
  11. Too much of Autocracy, Nepotism & Pedigree. How do I withstand?
  12. It’s a Corrupt and Dysfunctional system! Should I quit?
  13. Psychopaths are rare but sociopaths are not!!!
  14. Surviving own imperfections and lacking.
  15. I can’t Focus at work! Too much noisy mind preoccupied with personal & family issues.
  16. Surviving Honey traps, sexual dominance, racism.
  17. Sour relations, Criticism, opposition and non-cooperation just kills me! How do I survive?
  18. Transfers, job role change.
  19. Dealing with the anxiety at last week at work.
  20. Just faced Demotions, Suspensions or Lay off.

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