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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Corporate Shatak?
A platform with its own Framework. The theme is Corporate. Shatak means 100. Purpose is to launch various e-Content essentially in the form of e-Books, Forums, Podcasts & training.
Does it mean I can create my own Forum, write & publish my eBooks, publish my own PODCASTS links?
Yes, as long as it adapts to its framework.
How much will it cost me to associate with Corporate Shatak?
As of yet (so far), nothing. As of now (from now), it might.
How do I get benefited joining as Co-Author?
You get to use our brand name in your book (saves your marketing efforts). You get our framework & layout ready to use (saves time & effort). Corporate shatak will hold the copyright of your book yet you get your full rights to copy the content in whichever form you like being a co-Author. Your eBook gets published on Corporate Shatak platform for free of cost if you are co-Authoring with us. You can choose to keep your book for free / for sale.

Feel free to contact us.

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