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Why choose us? The creator of this “Corporate-platform” is a BSc graduate, Software Engineer and Plastic Engineer who has been running & growing a plastics manufacturing company ( since year 2010 in India that was started in the year 1978 and has withstood many ups & downs (Govt. Tax Scrutiny, Fortune 500 Audits, Issues, Demonetisation, Nationwide Major Tax Reform, The GST Rollout 2017, Plastics ban, COVID-19 Pandemic). Anup B. Jani is also Software Professional ( since year 2000 writing Computer, Enterprise & Web Applications for International clients in USA, India, Australia, Japan. Holding global experience of 18+ companies, 6+ domains, 30+ projects & 4 countries, Anup is offering you a platform to become an Author / Pod-Caster. Wouldn’t you like to associate yourself?

Are you galvanised with words such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Corporate, Professional, Strategy, Management, Office, Industry, Work, Team building, Goals,  Leadership, Vision, Customers, Commitment, Planning, Motivation, Delegation? Do you wish to achieve Corporate Smartness?  Did you ever want to get a gist of Corporate Community? Did you always wanted that International touch? or Do you want to become an Author or a Podcaster?…then, you are in the right place! Come….Preserve, practice & propagate Corporate Qualities.

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