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Book Review

|| Corporate Shatak | The Mindset ||

As per Thirukural couplet 619

தெய்வத்தான் ஆகா தெனினும் முயற்சிதன்
மெய்வருத்தக் கூலி தரும்.

English equivalent
Though fate-divine should make your labour vain;
Effort its labour’s sure reward will gain.

Anup and Tushar have done an infallible effort in collating some of the finest ideas that would enrich a corporate mind. I love reading this book and highly recommend young minds to do so. The book is concise and illustrative even if you are not an avid reader, I would recommend opening a random page and reading it on a daily basis. It is kind of fun to get a glimpse of the corporate world.

– John Wilfred [CEO, Jenrise, Sydney, Australia]

Corporate Shatak is a brilliant piece of work. The authors were able to connect to; day-to-day life of corporate world. If you want to stay long on pitch and score shataks after shataks then read Corporate Shatak! A must for corporate enterants.
-Aruna Saxena [Assistant Vice President. Customer Grievances, HDFC
Bank Ltd. Mumbai, India].

I think the book has precise points about principles of corporate management and mantras on corporate field.
-Vrushali Deshpande[Judge, Consumer Court, Nagpur, India].

The book “Corporate Shatak” very succinctly covers aspects that today’s entrepreneurs need. It is a survival toolkit that encompasses Planning, Strategy, Execution, Leadership and Execution all explained in a very concise manner. My best wishes to the authors of this ebook.
-Shrinivas Shikaripurkar [Independent Consultant associated with the
Marketing and Strategy functions for over 18 years, Mumbai, India].

Corporate Shatak is a book that incorporates different simple facts to make difficult task simple.
-Archana Akhade [MS DGO. Class2 Gazette Officer in government sector]

Corporate Shatak – The Mindset” says it all! It is wonderful collection of thoughts that will surely orient the mind towards corporate ambience. It teaches, moves & gives readers new perspectives that help them to shape. That’s how it constantly speaks to your curiosity, without making you feel overwhelmed. I wish authors a grand success …
-Dr. Sonu V. Gupta [Head, SK Patel Institute of Management & Computer
Studies. MBA, Kadi, Gujarat, India]

Corporate Shatak” indeed is an inspiring piece of work. It is an excellent resource for people to start a journey with mindfulness approach. The thoughts put across with this book make a profound difference in mindset of how to deal with situations and people which caters to people in all walks of life from a student to an IT professional. Keep up the good work.
-Miss Rutuja Bhat [B.A M.A. B.Ed. ECCed. M.Ed, Teacher at Billabong
High International School, Mumbai, India]

Anup & Tushar’s joint venture || Corporate Shatak | The Mindset || has hundred valuable advices with comics (Self explanatory cartoons) which relaxes readers. Unlike cream out of buttermilk which is applied to some of the items while this is applicable to every ever-growing business! that too it is available only from downloading!! Thanks for it and lots of blessings from bottom of my HEART.
-Mr. Chandrakant C. Shukla [Designer of Architectural, Civil and
Structural Departments of leading international organizations, Mumbai, India].

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