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Surviving from Autocracy.

Too much of Autocracy, Nepotism & Pedigree. How do I withstand?


It’s the worst or the best thing at times. Autocracy is the power that people at higher posts practice (that should be welcomed if in the best interest of the Organization & her vision). Otherwise, it can be disastrous. There are some silent survivors who do their jobs swiftly keeping low profile. Some revolt but do not last long & are perhaps thrown out by the system. Some helplessly (due to non-cooperation from the seniors & staff) leave the organization immediately. While others do so after immediately throwing a stone (breaking some system or escalating some issue at highest level) thinking that they made some difference. Dispassionate approach towards organization helps calm down your emotional surge. Opposition has to be for obvious & reasonably bad reasons. Shouting persons are not heard. Being humble & polite helps. Trying to change the system directly won’t work. Autocratic guards will stop you. Bring change indirectly. Process has to look natural so that no one can point at you.

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