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PODCAST – Australian & Indian GST System

1. What is our Blue Saffron Effort? (Introduction) <CLICK to Audio> (Satish)

A truly joint effort of Anup Jani (CEO http://www.janiplastics.com, Mumbai) & Satish Kumar (CA – India & CPA – Sydney), that explores GST System of Australia & India to come up with business related artefacts useful to the community as well as two great nations.

2. Revoking GST Registration Cancellation in India. <CLICK to Audio>(anup)

GST Registration gets cancelled when failed to comply. Here is a classic case study of how a start up Electrical Engineer got into trouble and then revoked the cancellation of his GST.

3. Types of GST and GSTRs. in India <CLICK to Audio>(anup)

The www.corporateshatak.com comes up with its new podcast on GST Blue Saffron, sponsored by Jani Plastics. This podcast covers the different types of GSTs and Return Filings of GST. 

4. Place of Supply in GST India. <CLICK to Audio>(anup)

As per GST Act 2017, the movement of goods doesn’t decide the place of supply. It’s the location of buyer / customer that decides. Be sure of place of supply & generate your GST Invoice accordingly.

5. Confusion before GST <CLICK TO AUDIO>(anup)

Listen to the seemingly ever resident kind of confusion with Goods, Services & Taxes in people before GST Roll out 2017. Anup shares a case study of real life scenario. With every listen, you will learn new about Industry too. Go for it! Spread knowledge. http://www.corporateshatak.com

6. GST Composition Scheme Part – 1 of 2 <CLICK TO AUDIO>(anup)

Simple and easy Composition Scheme of GST for small businesses  that do not  want much of GST compliance or Accounting.

7. GST Composition Scheme Part – 2 of 2 <CLICK TO AUDIO>(anup)

Part 2 of Composition scheme explains in detail with a Case Study and a calculation. Hit http://www.corporateshatak.com for a complete list of all our GST Blue Safron Podcasts.

8. Time of Supply under GST Invoice. <CLICK TO AUDIO> (anup)

TOS (Time of Supply) is an abstract date in GST but very important one. Just like there is a POS (Place of Supply, there is TOS.

9. Unregistered Dealer & Reverse Charge. <CLICK TO AUDIO> (ANUP)

Buying from an unregistered dealer attracts GST in form of a Reverse Charge that the registered buyer has to pay. Listen to this Pod Bean & discover the relation.

10. GST over Octroi & LBT.. <CLICK TO AUDIO> (ANUP)

All State Govt. of India still holds power to levy Local Body Tax & Octroi in future despite they are subsumed with unanimous agreement with Central Govt. Listen to find out more. Here more podcasts on http://www.corporateshatak.com

10. History of GST India <CLICK TO AUDIO> (ANUP)

Only after NDA’s comeback in 2014, GST Act was rolled out in 2017. GST was introduced in Australia with effect from July 1st, 2000. In India it was 1st July 2017 (exactly 17 years later and 3 years after the BJP Modi administration came into power). Better late than never foks!


When your invoice amount crosses certain limit, you come under regulatory obligation for creating E-Way Bill to inform the Govt. Listen to the podcast to find more about it.


India is proud member of World Customs Organization since 1971 and has been participating actively. WCO came up with coding and classification of thousands of product groups in 1988. Now that India has GST system, it mandates HSN SAC practice. Listen to Podcast to find out more.

Anup B. Jani
[Mumbai, MAH, India]

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Satish Kumar
[Sydney, NSW, Australia]

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