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No Clue at New Job.

No clue at new job in early days?


Collect all information in your diary as systematically as you can. Contacts of various people. User Ids & Passwords to various systems you are given access to. Start delivering from day one. Assimilate your tools. Focus on what is required from you. Go for small baby step wins. Don’t try to do everything at once. Try to interact with as many people in organization as you can. New comers are welcome & spoken softly to. Take this advantage. Get along.

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2 thoughts on “No Clue at New Job.

  1. It’s a pretty standard situation for all new job aspirants. People learn from experience. Solid theoretical skills backed by great presentation with confidence is the first step towards marketing yourself. Campus interviews are great platform to start with as an intern. Every journey start with first small step. There could be hundreds of thousands people in your network “your potential customers”. The one and only one which will make it happen is “SELF”. Like Lord KRISHNA said to Arjun. Pick up your bow and arrow and give a best shot rest “I WILL SEE”.

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    1. Dear Satish. I and on behalf of Carson congratulate you for being the first one to put your comment on “Corporate Survival” Open Forum. We appreciate your comment contribution. We hope more & more people participate like this. Cheers.


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