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Endorsements come easy from genius to genius. Let’s hear what well qualified & dignified people from renowned & remarkable backgrounds have to say.

“Very clear and lucid explanation on GST. Keep it up Anup. Another milestone to succéss”.~ Prof Themton Anklesaria [MSc, BEd, LLb, DIEM FICS, Ex Head Of Chemistry Department jr college, G N Khalsa College, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA].

“An eye opening explanation of a very complicated issue like GST. Thank you for enlightening us all the commonalities and the differences in implementing the GST in India and Australia. Way to go Anup, wishing you many more successes…”~ Cdr Nevil Malao, VSM (Retd) Ex Naval Officer. INDIA

“I don’t know the abc of Australia’s GST. But with 38 years of experience in Accounts and Finance, both India and International, can say that this book will redefine GST to Genuine Simple Techniques to deal with it.”~ Sobodh Padhya [Freelance Consultant, Ex COO International KPO, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA].

“A guide – full of important information for those of us who want to gain and understand knowledge of GST. Must read book by Anup Jani. Thank you for providing detailed information to the readers”.~ Payal Mistri [Operations – Administrative Assistant, FedEx. Adelaide, SA, AUSTRALIA]

“Mr. Anup Jani really made GST as General Simple Tax by explaining all the topics in-depth thoroughly with perfect examples, URL references, snapshots & diagrams. Anybody can easily learn & understand GST from scratch in the simplest manner by reading this book.”~ Tejas Dave [Network Solutions Engineer, Assistant Vice President at Barclays Bank, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA]

“You are putting excellent efforts explaining about GST implementation and its achievements”.~ Sadashiv Sankappa Bangera [CFO, Supreme Engineering Ltd.Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA]

“A beautiful take on Australian and Indian GST simplified for common man to understand”.~ Harshad Phadke [Independent Project Manager / Realtor. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA].

“A must read for Indian businesses. The book talks about GST elements in Australia which is very relevant to the Indian context too given that both India and Australia have forged a closer economic partnership via signing of a comprehensive economic Co-operation agreement. Indian businesses need to familiarise themselves with the Australian systems and this book will serve as a Sherpa”~ Shrinivas Shikaripurkar [MBA Gold Medalist. Independent Consultant and Corporate Trainer, Member, Sustainability Panel (CII). Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA].

“Kudos to Anup for taking the time and interest to share the knowledge on GST. I am sure this will be an asset to anyone who is interested in this topic. Well done Anup”.~ John Wilfred.[IT consultant. Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA]

“Very informative about GST. Nicely explained about buyers and sellers . GST number. HSN and SAC code importance”.~ Bhagyashree Trivedi [Sales Manager, Vittaazio, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, INDIA].

“Anup has a natural talent to analyse, organise and communicate complex information in simple words, be it a sci-fi movie or academics. In this book on GST he brings forth this unique ability and creativity to make the subject interesting by drawing parallels between India and Australia, where he has spent almost two decades.”~ Hetal Shukla, conceptual artist and founder of Artlab, Mumbai, INDIA

“Mr. Anup Balkrishna Jani, is an entrepreneur and author of another four books, a teacher, IT Software professional, based in Mumbai, India. “GST- Blue saffron” A fantastic combo pack to understand not only about GST, BUT ALSO beautifully examplained and compared the two countries’ tax laws. What a masterpiece it is for its unique idea. The main objective of the book is to present G S T – Goods and Services Tax – in a simple way and make the readers understand how it works in a real life business environment. Actually Most of the times , when we read any law we get lost in understanding and memorising sections l, and get stuck into the complicated stuff, subsections and definitions. With the advent of search engines, a lot of information is available on the internet. But here the focus of the book is more on understanding how G S T works. Hence readers understand how it works in a simple way, and it is easy to update their knowledge through various sources of information. GST in India may not be the same as GST implemented in other countries. GST is not as complex as it is being made out to be. Every country has to take its system, political and business environment into framing laws.”~ Pooja Thakar [SEBI registered Investment Advisor and NISM Certified Research Analyst].“Anup has taken time to explain the difference between TDS and TCS. Even though many people talk about the two, hardly a few know the difference. very good video, with excellent pace to explain it. Please keep up the good work for people like us who are not having accounting background and post more podcasts.”~ S.K. Vyas [SAP Certified, PowerBI Certified, Business intelligence Consultant, Canada] << Subscribe

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