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Job Search & Loneliness

“I am tired of job search in hard times. I am just getting by, feeling lonely, feel outdated & directionless rather lost! What do I do?”


Try to find whatever small temporary company of friends you can. Keep going when directionless to see a change, simply because passage of time never stays the same. Remember, you have to go through what you have to go through, as it’s a one way tunnel. Loneliness is the blessing, use it to focus on self & upgrade. Keep hitting the search till you crack one. Searching for job doesn’t make you jobless because that too is a kind of job.

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2 thoughts on “Job Search & Loneliness

  1. Upgrade your skills and Upgrade your health.
    You don’t get enough time for both when you are employed.


    1. Agreed. One of the wisest things one can do. Thanks for participating. Expecting to contribute thoughts in all discussion topics. Cheers Nitten.


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