|| Corporate Shatak | The Mindset || 

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Working in the professional world, you confront myriad people as well as situations you have to deal with in your best way. Often you are clueless on your next course of action. There is no straight answer to everything. Most of the time thoughts do not surface out on top of your head at the spur of the moment. This book fills this gap by providing thoughtful solutions that will fine-tune and orient your mind towards corporate ambiance.

❏ Worth inculcating for every corporate person.
❏ A must for every MBA student.


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|| Corporate Shatak | Dream Employee ||

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“Good employee can be discerned from bad one in 100 different ways”. The target audience of this book is essentially- “Every Corporate Employee”. Understanding and judging humans is perhaps the most difficult thing in corporate world. This book deciphers this difficulty by presenting the subject in a very simple, clear, concise and precise manner.

❏Load the code in you & become the chosen one.
❏Inspiring to every corporate employee.
❏A must for every corporate employer.


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