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Target Audiences / Readers

❏ Tax payers in Australia & Bharat (India).
❏ Accounting, Commerce & international MBA students.
❏ Existing & startup Entrepreneur.
❏ Accounts Executives, CAs, CPAs & Accounting professionals.
❏ Importers & Exporters.
❏ Aspired GST advisor & GST consultant.


Understanding GST is not very difficult. Nor is it that complicated as it may seem to a beginner initially. The Govt. of India under the Modi Administration has done the job so well, that GST will not only prevail as a success story, but also become a backbone of Bharat as a
developed nation amongst first world countries. Any nation takes at least 18 months to implement major tax reform and Australia has no expectation of it. New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and lately India too have implemented GST successfully. Bigger the nation, more diverse the population, bigger the challenge and therefore more sophisticated the model, more delay in having a unanimous political will and longer it takes to implement. But statistically speaking, history has witnessed that every GST implementing nation has prospered in the long run.

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[ Jani, A.(2022).
|| Corporate Shatak | GST Blue Saffron ||. ]

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